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Sale Commission: $ 50.00
Lead Commission: $ 5.00
Tracking Cookie lasts for 120 Days after the initial clickthru.
Campaign Start Date: 31-Aug-18
Auto-Approval of Affiliates: No
Last Compliance Test Completed: 10/24/2020 03:46:56 AM
Merchant Basics
Commission Structure
EPC (100)
Reversal Rates
Average Sale
Average Commission
ID: 81178 Active on: 08/31/2018
Per Sale
$ 5
Per Lead
120 Days

7 Day N/A
30 N/A
7 Day N/A
30 N/A
7 Day N/A
30 N/A
7 Day N/A
30 N/A

Statistics are network-wide, and should be used as reference and not exact indications of performance.

Merchant provided description:
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Industry Leading Commission

$5 USD per free trial signup plus $50 USD per paid subscriber

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VIP Offers

Top performers unlock bonus commission offers

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Generous Cookie Life

Visitors who click your affiliate link have up to 120 days to start a free trial

Recommending 7shifts

7shifts is the #1 cloud-based staff scheduling software designed exclusively for small, medium and large restaurants. We enable 175,000+ restaurant pros to save time and money while scheduling their staff.

Program Eligibility

Highlights of our affiliate program include:

  • $5 USD per free trial (for only: USA & Canada), plus
  • $50 USD commission if a lead becomes paying subscriber - even if the lead did not originate from the targeted countries.
  • 120-cookie policy
  • Get email notifications with creative updates, offers & more

Publishers that Deliver the Best Results

  • Bloggers
  • Content Sites
  • Review Sites / Marketplaces
  • Social Media Influencers

Program Restrictions

  • No coupon, deal, loyalty, cash-back, rewards or virtual mall websites
  • No adware, spyware, loyalty-ware or any such software
  • No cookie stuffing
  • All referring links must be verifiable/traceable (Pretty Links permitted)

* Paid Search Policy: Affiliates MAY NOT bid on trademark, trademark +, or misspelled keywords for the purpose of PPC on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask etc.)

** Please allow up to 72 Hours for your application to be reviewed

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with 7shifts

You can contact our affiliate team any time at affiliates@7shifts.com

Like working in a busy restaurant, affiliate marketing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact the 7shifts team and we can help with any questions you might have.

Be sure to check out our 7shifts affiliate program page for common FAQ's.

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