Lexie Hearing, an innovative game-changer in the US over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid market, is on a mission to make healthy hearing accessible to everyone, everywhere. We offer an all-inclusive, affordable hearing care solution that includes quality, OTC hearing aids.

The team at Lexie is passionate about helping people improve their hearing without having to spend thousands of dollars. Too many people do not wear hearing aids because of the cost, which is why we feel so strongly about OTC hearing aids.

What really sets Lexie Hearing apart is the accessibility, competitive pricing, ease of use, and world-class customer support. By leveraging smart technology and remote care, Lexie OTC hearing aids deliver the quality and features expected from premium hearing aids, at 80% less than the average industry cost. Customers can choose the hearing aid that best suits their lifestyle and either make a one-time payment (from $799) or subscribe to Lexie Hearing online from as little as $42/mo x24. 

With the OTC hearing aid rule that came into effect October 17, 2022 Lexie Hearing’s suite of OTC hearing aids are available in over 11,000 pharmacy and retail locations nationwide and online. Customers can go to select retail stores or purchase online directly at Walgreens, Best Buy and Amazon.
We are extremely proud of the difference we’re making in the lives of those living with hearing loss, and we’re confident that you will be very pleased to join our affiliate program. If you require any additional information about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact me: