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Multiverse is the world’s first curated online marketplace for high quality functional mushroom products. We believe in supercharging your well-being and achieving vibrant health through fungi, one of nature’s greatest untapped forces. Mushrooms are loaded with antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, and have mood-enhancing capabilities - just to name a few of their many benefits. Multiverse sources, vets, and tests the best fungi-based consumer products on our marketplace, so you can easily add functional mushrooms into your daily ritual and get one step closer to optimal health and vitality.

Our affiliate program currently has a 15% commission on all products that are purchased on https://yourmultiverse.com/ through your unique ShareASale links. Multiverse's Affiliate Program features include:

- Exclusive discount code
- Earn up to 15% commission
- Average sale amount of $50

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