ADE is a Consumer Credit Counseling Referral Company, a member in good standing of NETCHECK, with no complaints, operating in 46 states providing free credit counseling and offering the following:

Every Contactable Qualified Lead: 10.00

In Addition We Pay For the Following Enrollments:

Debt Consolidation Program Enrollment: 50.00

Debt Settlement Program Enrollment: 125.00

Federal Student Loan Consolidation: 150.00

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Enrollment: 100.00

Leads must fill out either short or long information form, contact information must be accurate, including, name, phone and email and debt must be a minimum of 10000.00. dollars and unsecured for Debt Settlement, and 5000.00 dollars for Debt Consolidation. Lead must acknowledge filling out the form when contacted.
We must be able to make contact with the lead. Higher Per sale commissions for more active affiliates can be put in place.