Youthful Innovations LLC, the new home of the Seat Sack is your formula for educational products and classroom organizers. The Seat Sack name offers practical storage solutions for the home, school and office. Known for our patented and trademarked Seat Sack storage pocket that slides onto the back of a chair to provide instant storage for books, papers, school supplies and more. In addition to our classroom organizers, we all sell locker products and office products. Seat Sacks are sold to thousands of schools across the country and world wide. Teachers and parents love our high quality products. Under the O2 Teach name we have added educational products that assist teachers in engaging learners through educational games, toys, puzzles and more! Commission Rate: 10% of Product Sale Average Internet Sale: $159.00 Please visit our website, or to learn more about our products and services. Use of Keywords: Seat Sack has several products that are protected under trademark and patent laws. Please note that the following keywords cannot be used when advertising our products through pay-per click marketing campaigns: Seat Sack, Executive Seat Sack, Hand-e-Sack, File-n-Save Sack, Lock-n-Sack,Side Sack, Strap-n-Sack. Thank you