Share-a-sale Affiliate Program for miel®.

Commission rate 10% per sale (full details below)

Overview and Program Description

The miel® collection targets the stylish busy woman on the go.

Thanks to innovative fabrics and knitting technologies, our modern seamless basics suit all environments, eliminating the need to change three times a day.

miel® bras, camisoles and panties were developed to support a woman’s daily activities at home, behind her desk, at the gym, and out on the town. Our undies are just as perfect for yoga class as under the little black dress she throws on before heading out for drinks. It’s “all day, every day” underwear for active women of all ages

Our fabrics are protected with GuardinTM, a plant-based, built-in antimicrobial protection against stains and odours. miel® can be worn from sunrise to sundown and still feel fresh.

Seamless and flat-seam compression add stretch or hold for garments that virtually mold to a woman’s body

Even miel® colours are fresh! In addition to basic Black, White and Bare, every season we introduce an on-trend color palette with fun new hues.

Benefits of Our Program


Commission rate

Affiliates will receive a 10% commission on each sale

Performance incentive program

Affiliates will be individually analyzed for a performance incentive program, with targets set per affiliate, making even a small player a candidate for a performance reward

Average order value

The average order value is $92.00

Personalized agreements

Strong affiliate partners will receive personalized agreements over time

Cookie duration

Cookie duration is 30 days, giving people who click on your banner ample time to return and attribute the sale to the publisher

Conversion Rate

The website conversion rate is currently 3%

About miel® product pricing:

Retailing between $20 and $45, this sexy, practical and affordable line is available in over 300 retailers across Canada and the US, including Anthropologie, as well as online at

Brand awareness and outreach

To build the brand recognition and awareness, we work with a PR company based out of NY, we participate actively in industry tradeshows, have a established sales network through independent showrooms, independent sales reps, multi-brand boutiques, recognized internet retailers, high end health clubs, hotels and spas. Our social media outlets are being fed original content on a regular basis, with unique hashtags attached to the brand.

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Drea Wheeler
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Affiliate Agreement Terms & Conditions

Commission rates are based on a per sale platform, paying publishers 10% of the pre-tax order value per sale. We reserve the right to customize programs for individual publishers or change this commission rate across the board at a later date.

In addition to the agreement set out by Share-a-Sale, please see the conditions specifically related to the miel® affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate agreement with miel® via Share-a-Sale, you are agreeing to the terms of our agreement.

Can't wait to start, but just a few more questions?

Affiliate Contact Information
Camila Velandia or Shannon Reid
Miel® Sisters Inc.
1-866-278-3739 ext 222