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Commission rate 10% per sale (full details below)

Overview and Program Description

Lusomé is powered by Xirotex™, the most advanced moisture management technology in the sleepwear market. Other competitive sleepwear companies claiming moisture wicking are often 100% polyester, which wicks moisture but holds bacteria in the fibres causing that horrible smell over time, other competitive brands use a topical chemical application on the fabric.

What makes Lusome with Xirotex™ more effective is the technology is inherent in the fibre and construction making the performance last the life of the garment.

Lusome with Xirotex™ has been tested in lab tests and is proven to be 10 times more effective at eliminating moisture and bacteria from the skin surface, ensuring a comfortable night sleep. The knit fabric is a luxe blend of micro modal, cotton, polyester and spandex and has the softness of your favourite comfy t-shirt, wrapping you in cozy cooling comfort all night long. The design aesthetic is modern, elegant and ultra versatile; perfect for sleep, lounge and some pieces double as daywear and swim cover ups.

Benefits of Our Program


Commission rate

Affiliates will receive a 10% commission on each sale

Performance incentive program

Affiliates will be individually analyzed for a performance incentive program, with targets set per affiliate, making even a small player a candidate for a performance reward

Average order value

The average order value is $120.09

Personalized agreements

Strong affiliate partners will receive personalized agreements over time

Cookie duration

Cookie duration is 30 days, giving people who click on your banner ample time to return and attribute the sale to the publisher

Conversion Rate

The website conversion rate is currently 1.75%

Our Brand and How it Works

Lusomé is a beautifully designed sleepwear brand using the most innovative moisture management technology possible for naturally blended fabrics.

Lusomé with Xirotex™ provides women with revolutionary moisture management in luxuriously soft fabrics expertly engineered for ultimate comfort. 80% of all women at some point in their life, for a variety of reasons, will experience night sweats and hot flashes. Lusomé, with Xirotex technology will keep women and men feeling comfortable all night.

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Affiliate Agreement Terms & Conditions

Commission rates are based on a per sale platform, paying publishers 10% of the pre-tax order value per sale. We reserve the right to customize programs for individual publishers or change this commission rate across the board at a later date.

In addition to the agreement set out by Share-a-Sale, please see the conditions specifically related to the Lusomé affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate agreement with Lusomé via Share-a-Sale, you are agreeing to the terms of our agreement.

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