Angels' Cup is a blind coffee tasting club that delivers 100% arabica, single origin coffees, from top roasters all around the country. A few things set us apart from other subscriptions.

  • Blind tasting flights, meaning the customer gets to try the coffee before knowing what it is. This is a fun way for people to develop a stronger sense of taste, and it's the #1 reason why people choose Angels' Cup.
  • Insane variety. We ship 208 different coffees every year from over 60 different roasters. Each flight features 4 coffees from 2 different roasters. Subscribers never get the same coffee twice.
  • Plans start at only $10.99/month making Angels' Cup easy to say yes to! Also, subscriptions can be canceled any time, we have a 100% money back guarantee, and pre-paid gift options.
  • A 100% free coffee tasting app that subscribers can use to record tasting notes and compare answers with the roaster and other members of our community.
  • A variety of grind option (whole bean, fine, or coarse grind) and roast option (light, medium, and dark) make Angels' Cup a great fit for anyone who drinks coffee.

These factors make Angels' Cup more that just a coffee curation or distribution service. We're turning every cup of coffee into an experience and helping people develop a stronger sense of taste! But the most important thing is that people love it. Angels' Cup is a brand you can be proud to promote. Here's some emails we've recently received from customers:

A friend of mine signed me up with a three-month subscription as a birthday gift. I have a love of coffee, so it was a perfect gift. I've only received one month so far, but I love the concept (and the coffees, or course!). - Brianna
Then I saw your ad on Facebook and thought it would be a good shared activity for my mom and I to do together. She lives in another state and we don't see each other that often but she loves coffee. So the plan (starting tomorrow) is that each morning we'll make a cup of the same lot and compare notes. Connecting through shared experiences across distance is one of the great possibilities of the current tech landscape. Overall fantastic concept and business! I love every bit of my experience so far. -Regas
My boyfriend gave me your coffee as a gift. He read a thread on reddit comparing different coffee subscription services and yours was listed there. We frequently use subscriptions over stores because we can get higher quality beans that have been roasted more recently. As we got to know coffee more we really wanted to try and learn about tasting notes and such. We try to compare our coffee to the notes listed on the beans and sometimes we can taste things and sometimes not. This type of subscription seemed perfect for us! I had my first cup today and the coffee is fantastic but it was so much fun using the app and testing out my skills!! Oh, and there was a note (typed by my boyfriend) that was included in the package. It was handwritten and I can't tell you how fantastic that was. I hope that continues! -Alex
There were a lot of factors! I think the largest one would be the blind tasting + 4 different kinds of beans + app to record and compare notes. Those combined sound great to me. Beyond that, I heard good things from Reddit about Angels' Cup, and I enjoy trying out all sorts of different beans since I don't know all of what I like yet, so this sounded great! - Stephen
I like that I can try something new without commitment. I also like that I will be able to define my own tastes, not just based on packaging/price etc. It's like a wine tasting, but at home and with coffee... no snobs, no dress code. I also love that I might learn enough about coffee to be able to articulate why I have such strong feelings against Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.... :) -Eileen
Loved it so far! I am really really happy with. I love that I can get 2-3 cups out of a bag. Y'all are doing a great job, been recommending it to all my coffee drinking friends. -Andrew
I'm loving it and the scope of the samples I received. I also really love using the app to see how similar my palette is to the roaster. I'll start using the advanced tasting criteria next month. -Michael

In addition to being a unique subscription service, we also run a unique affiliate program. We only partner with affiliates that are producing legitimate content and engaging with their audiences. We do not partner with coupon sites or PPC advertisers, and we offer 30 day coupon tracking. We believe this results in proper click attribution and a solid opportunity for affiliates to earn their well deserved commissions.

A flat $5 commission also likely sets us apart. While on the surface it might not appear the most lucrative, our tasting flights start at just $10.99 with free shipping and no commitment. We find the affiliates that promote Angels' Cup as an affordable way to try a ton of coffees from top roasters all around the country, with zero commitment, are able to convert a high number of sales. Our margins are only 20% which allows us to keep prices reasonable, but that means we only make about $2/tasting flight. For those of you doing the math, we don't make a profit until the 4th tasting flight ships, and $0 of profit on a three month gift subscription. It all goes to our affiliates, and it's worth it because we need your help spreading the word about Angels' Cup. We hope you agree! Please contact venice@advertisepurple if you have any questions.