We are an innovative, luxury beauty brand in the very hot indie beauty space. Our products are performance based - they really deliver. Along with real ingredients that are known to work we incorporate elements of nature - clays, botanicals, essential oils, herbal extracts, etc. We are in the luxury space and our average order size is $270. We offer an 15% commission so your revenue opportunities are real, while at the same time you are delivering a beautiful, effective product that you can be proud of being associated with. We have very high levels of customer service and are happy to support your requests around product info, photos, ingredient info, etc. Our turn around time for most requests is less than 24 hours. We love feedback and welcome all comments. We also have a liberal return policy so your followers will be treated well and we offer them a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to reach out - info@circcell.com. Our web address: www.circcell.com