Welcome to Jet Fuel Meals. We are a healthy meal prep company servicing South Florida. palm beach county - Homestead and everything in between. Tri county ( palm beach, broward and miami dade county) Our website is Jetfuelmeals.com Our average order is $350. You will receive a 30% commission We offer Five different meal plans: Weight-loss - Ketogenic diet plan, Classic- traditional meal plan for those looking to maintain a healthy weight. Athletic Meal plan: which contains higher calories, for those looking to gain some weight. Pescatarian : meal plan for vegetarians that don't eat meat. Vegan: all plant based diet and even a kids meal plan. At checkout, customers are also able to select add-ons, for example protein balls and over night oats for snacks. We also are now starting to offer cold pressed juices and cold brewed coffee as well. This will be taking into effect by September so that will definitely increase the average spent per client.