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Who We Are

Our 100% grassfed beef comes directly from family farms. We offer free shipping on orders over 10 pounds. Our average order size is $120 with a conversion rate of 4%-10%.

Our ideal partners reach an audience of consumers interested in organic, local, & healthy food, & who are aware of the advantages of buying directly from the farm.

We're open to putting together a program with custom offerings for exceptional partners.

If you're interested in promoting chemical free grassfed beef (no antibiotics or hormones) contact us at:

Why Partner With Farm Foods?

  1. We are the only online retailer of beef where you know which farm the beef is from
  2. We offer the lowest prices on grassfed beef
  3. Because we're not a 'box model' customers arne't forced to buy cuts they don't want. You can choose exactly what you want with each order

Program Details

Default Commission Rate: 8%
Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a commission increase, reach out for more details.
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
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