Below are the terms and conditions, Happy selling :)

1) Model: CPS Cost Per Sale (Revenue Share) Program

2) 2% commission on all flights - Regular bonus and commissions!!!

3) Average Order Value of ~$1,000

4) One of the largest flight inventory  with more than 160 destinations

5) Dedicated team to help you grow your campaigns.

6) The program is available for increased opportunities  in over 50 countries and languages

7) Tracking: All Invoicing will be based on Qatar Airways (QR) internal tracking platform/Omniture SiteCatalyst 

8) Payouts: All payouts are on net (base) fare of the air ticket excluding all surcharges and taxes. 

9) Cookie Period:30-day cookie period. Last-click-wins-sale model 

10) Cancellations: Booking cancellations for the previous 2 months will be reported by QR. Closed month's invoice will include performance minus the cost for cancelled bookings. 

11) Creatives: Creatives, as well as guidelines, will be supplied by Syndic (Qatar Airways). Creatives to go live only after written Syndic or Qatar Airways approval. 

12) Acquisition Sale: For CPA/CPS-based model, one booking equals one acquisition/sale which means all purchases made under one PNR (Passenger Name Record). 

13) Payment: Net 60 days. Payment will be transferred only when accruals reach $100.