In year 2000, very modern and liberal minded CEO, Young Wook Choi established OUTIN FUTURES with experienced and talented professionals, to provide ‘future innovations’ of package design solution, product development & R&D service to the beauty and health industry in Korea. Now, Young Wook Choi and his employees, hand in hand with the company, are constantly achieving their goals to develop and supply the best quality products and service worldwide.

OUTIN FUTURES owns below 6 brands;


Neogen brand constantly strives to deliver ultimate true skin benefits through maximized delivery of skin benefiting ingredients from nature. Neo-nature is future-oriented concept term and the research field defined by naturalistic futurists based on the foundation that human lives are destined to always evolve and communicate in nature and with nature. This term is not only for principle metaphor of naturalism but is the futuristic mega-trend in modern lifestyle that values the ultimate coexistence between human lives and nature for the survival of mankind.


Neogen Dermalogy is like your beauty innovator with the latest derma-ceutical research and innovations that deliver solutions for your every skin care needs. Consisting of many product lines, each that was carefully developed for distinct skin concerns, Neogen Dermalogy offers products that will help you customize your skincare regimen with focus on your individual preference and specific concerns.


Bold, chic and trendy, Neogen Code9 will ensure you feel confident in your own skin through versatile, trendsetting products that deliver high-performance results for any occasion life throws at you. Being à la mode without having to sacrifice the functions of highly effective skin benefits, you can definitely have it all. Because there is no partner in crime like Neogen Code9.


Neogen Agecure is your time manager that focuses on instant results utilizing formulas with that latest peptide ingredients in the market. Formulas made from the latest advancements in anti-aging instantly help unwind the visible signs of time so you can reveal that inner vitality that has been hiding under the accumulated years.

5. RE:P

Sustainable and down-to-earth, re:p delivers a smart skincare practice that feels so natural to the skin as well as the environment. re:p’s every process and element was developed based on creating a sustainable skincare environment with “au naturel” ingredient formulas that will bring your skin back to its ideal comfort zone. Each packaging was carefully developed using responsible materials and processes which even further extends the environmentally conscious philosophy in the disposal of the products after use. Unlike most other products that use a standardized based formula, re:p uses formulas that are completely new and unique so each product can deliver effective multi-purpose benefits that conserve time and reduce waste.


Developed by Neogenlab, Surmedic is your personal skin concierge that ensures your skin vitals are in check 24/7. It provides a daily first-aid concept skin solution that is effective, easy, accessible anywhere, yet flexible enough to customize to your everyday changing skin condition. Including an economic sheet mask line that is approachable for daily use; the variety of targeted skin solutions offered through each sheet masks can be adjusted accordingly for fast, easy and effective results that focus on your skin’s everyday changing needs.